Here are some downloadable sheets for children (of all ages!) to use to explore Swaines Green. They list some of the plants and animals to be found there so that you can tick them off as you find them.

We hope you find them useful and have fun looking for the plants and animals of Swaines Green!

Flower of the Yellow Iris at Swaines Green

Spring Flowers
Spring is when many of the wildflowers at Swaines Green burst into bloom. Here are some to look out for.

Summer Flowers
As summer progresses, some wildflowers finish and others come into bloom. You might need a few visits to find all of these!

Summer Birds
In Spring and Summer, Swaines Green is full of birdsong as our residents and summer visitors vie for territory. Which of these can you find?

Look for “creepy-crawlies” at Swaines Green – here are some insects, beetles, spiders and millipedes you can find.

The woodland at Swaines Green is still fairly young but there are many species of tree to identify if you can.

There always seem to be lots of butterflies at Swaines Green from April to October, but how many can you identify?