Swaines Green has developed from four former agricultural fields which have been left untouched since the early 1980s. Forties Field, Middle Lincoln’s Field and Lower Lincoln’s Field are owned and managed by the City of London (Conservators of Epping Forest), whilst Lovelock’s Meadow is owned by the Epping Town Council and managed by the Friends of Swaines Green and Epping Countrycare.


Swaine’s Green is located on the northwest side of Epping town, where it forms a vital green corridor between Bell Common and the main section of Epping Forest to the south-west, and the Lower Forest and Wintry Wood to the north-east. It is bordered by the Lower Swaines recreation ground and housing to its south-east and has the impressive hedgerow of Bolt Cellar Lane and farmland to the north-west.

Swaines Green was designated a Local Wildlife Site by the Essex Naturalists Trust in 1998.

The Green is currently a rich mosaic of open rough grassland, ancient hedgerows, scrub and developing woodland, with a stream and a pond, supporting a huge diversity of plants and trees, as well as a host of wildlife, especially invertebrates and birds.