The flora varies from mature trees in the border with Bolt Cellar Lane, through varied maturing trees and scrub, to flower-rich grasslands. In addition, there are water plants in the pond and wetland plants around the pond and stream margins.

The main tree species is Pedunculate Oak, and there are also numbers of Ash, Beech, Field Maple and Silver Birch. Scrub species are dominated by Hawthorn and Blackthorn.

In the grassland, the most widespread grasses include Meadow Foxtail, Red Fescue, Smooth Meadow-grass, Cock's-foot and Crested Dog’s-tail. The grassland is also particularly important for the more than 120 different species of flowering plants recorded to date. These include Pepper-saxifrage, Common Spotted-orchid, Bee Orchid, Lady's Bedstraw, Cuckooflower, Agrimony, Tormentil and Common Knapweed. In the hedgerows, we can also find Spindle, Dog's Mercury, Wood Anemone and Bluebell.

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