14th to 20th February is National Nestbox Week – everybody is encouraged to put up more nestboxes for their birds! There’s nothing better than to see the parents ferrying food in for their young, and it’s even better if you are lucky enough to spot them taking their first flight out of the box. See here for more details:

We are also playing our part at Swaines Green. We have refurbished our few nestboxes and added one new one. We now have a grand total of just five (and three bat boxes) – if anyone can help by donating or building any more, especially any larger ones such as for owls – then please do get in touch here!

Whilst it is legal to carefully check inside the box to see how things are progressing, you should not touch the nest, eggs or young. But at Swaines Green, the boxes will be monitored by someone with a licence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, and if possible the nestlings will be ringed. With any luck, we will find out something about the birds that nest at Swaines Green!

Putting up more nestboxes

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