Sunday 13th January saw us at our Conservation day in Lower Lincoln’s Field near the pond, where the overgrown and silted up ditch was causing water to overflow over the path between Lower Lincoln’s and Lovelock’s, resulting in a near impassable morass after each rainfall.

The overgrown ditch before work started

We set about clearing fallen branches, brambles, ivy, elder and blackthorn away from the ditch, and then digging it out. Brian’s chainsaw then made short work of the stumps.

The ditch half-cleared – you can see the build-up of water beyond the scrub, overflowing down the bank

The spoils were disposed of with a bonfire

Once the ditch was dug out, the water was flowing freely

Happily, the results of our labours seem to be having the desired effect, and the muddy section of footpath is drying out.

After all the work had finished – the ditch cleared and dug out

At the same time, three very welcome new volunteers were working on an overgrown tree on the other side of the path.

This tree was overgrown with brambles and needed liberating
The tree with brambles removed and low branches trimmed

Next month, we plan to be working along the path at the Recreation Ground entrance nearest the School. Please come along and help! See Events for more information.

January Conservation day

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