Volunteers cutting back the encroaching scrub

The Winter site management season is upon us, and the first session of this winter saw our volunteers helping to improve the path at the bottom corner of Lovelock’s Meadow. This area has seen the path encroached by vegetation and a boggy area develop where it crosses the small stream.

Our volunteers helped to widen the path and Brian McGhie also used his chainsaw to remove some of the intruding saplings and stumps.

The stream crossing – before
The stream crossing – after

The plan is to put in place a proper bridge to replace the planks currently in use. Hopefully this will be done in the coming months.

If you are able to help us on future management days, we’d be delighted to see you! Conservation management takes place on the second Sunday of the month starting at 10am. Meet at the Coronation Hill entrance. For more information you can contact us here.

Improving the path at the bottom of Lovelock’s Meadow
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