A bright November day saw a group of volunteers assisting the experts clearing out the bullrushes from the pond.

We need to do this from time to time, otherwise the bullrushes fill the pond, crowd out the wild irises, and make the habitat unsuitable for many of the aquatic animals that live there.

Clearing the pond by hand

The only way really is to get in and pull up the rushes by hand. Despite the sunshine, not the best of days to be up to your waist in cold water!

The rest of us cleared brambles and took away the waste

The rest of us cleared brambles and took away the waste. This resulted in quite a large pile!

Taking a rest

After a couple of hours of this we were all ready for a break!

Seeing the results, with the pond clear and the surrounds tidied back, makes all the effort worthwhile!

We are always grateful for as many pairs of hands as we can get to help. If you are available for any of our future management days, please keep an eye on our events page for the dates, and just turn up on the day. We'll provide the tools, you just need to wear old clothes, stout boots or wellies, and strong gloves. 

First Conservation Day of the winter!

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