Fire in Lovelock’s Field

On the evening of Monday 13th May, we were alerted by clouds of smoke arising from Swaines Green. On investigation, it appeared that the small haystack at the bottom of Lovelock’s Field was well alight.

Although thanks to recent damp conditions it didn’t seem likely that it would spread to nearby scrub, it was prudent to call the Fire Brigade.

Fire crew ensuring fire does not spread
Tuesday morning and still smouldering

They duly arrived and agreed they should deal with the situation to make it safe. A couple of the crew ensured the blaze would not spread whilst the engine was brought into the Green.

It seems likely the stack spontaneously ignited due to the heat of decomposition, rather than anyone setting fire to it.

They dealt with the fire in the core of the haystack, but as of the morning of Tuesday 14th the remains were still smouldering, and are likely to do so for a couple of days.

So if you are walking a dog or small children over the next couple of days, please be aware that there remains a risk of burns to those who approach too closely – please take care.

Fire in Lovelock’s Field

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